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Sourdough Bread Baking

Helen Easom

After a huge break in my bread baking adventures I have been using any 'free' time I have to develop my sourdough starter and make wild yeast bread. I don't know about you but I find there is something magic about creating bread from scratch and not having to even add yeast from a packet. I mean I have only used flour, water, and salt and sometimes olive oil. 

I started off be creating my sourdough starter using hugh fearnly-whittingstalls method and went from there. 

Its an incredibly pleasing hobby, the end result is very satisfying and also helping my 10 month old baby's teeth to come through!

I have found the clever carrot blog so helpful in fine tuning my 'skills', or should I say learning about naturally leavened bread. The loaf pictured was my first attempt so I was quite happy with the outcome. The breads are starting to taste slightly more nutty as the depth of flavour develops in my starter. I have also found these videos by vanessa kimbell really helpful - ultimate dream would be a days baking with her as she seems somewhat of a sourdough baking goddess!

I really enjoy making the dough and leaving it to rise before bed and then baking when I wake in the morning which seems to be earlier and earlier at the moment thanks to the above mentioned naughty baby! A cup of earl grey and a slice of sourdough toast in the morning with lashings of butter is worth getting out of bed so early for believe me.

Taking care of my sourdough starter has been really good fun - If I can call it that without judgement (GEEK). I have been feeding and using it daily and found sourdough pancakes to be delicious try them for yourself once you have your starter on the go and let me know what you think.

I have found the slow processes with sourdough very rewarding and actually very easy so give it a go and ditch the horrid supermarket bread, you will eat less as its more filling and its so much more nutritious especially toasted and smothered in avocado and drizzled with gorgeous olive oil.

This is just a quick post to give you an insight to my hobbies but I will follow up with my favourite fail safe sourdough recipe soon. 





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