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Naked Cakes

Helen Easom

Here is a recent lemon and raspberry layered naked cake topped with rose and raspberry macarons.

Naked Cakes are my new cake crush so to speak. I love how pretty they can be made with both tasty edible decorations such as macarons and fresh flowers studded all over them. I am a big fan of simple is best when it comes to cake. I like the main aim of a cake to be a tasty celebration which looks both tasty and pretty. I am not a fan of cakes weighed down with kilos of fondant even though some talented so and so's can make them look really amazing (I am not one of those!) I just would rather eat a really tasty slice of gateaux. 

The naked cake style of decoration has been on the rise with weddings over the past few years and the use of English blooms to decorate them is increasing too. If we were to do over our wedding I would make one and completely cover it in rose macarons and white roses.


I think the appeal of these cakes comes from my love of traditional English teas as they do make me think of Victoria sponges at village fetes but a little bit of an updated version. I truly believe you can't beat a freshly baked Victoria sponge topped with butter cream, filled with fresh strawberry jam and decorated with English strawbs, so once strawberries are in season again watch this space and I'll make a pretty naked cake in honour of English teas.

I think the possibilities are endless with these types of cakes from flavour combinations to decoration. I think adding in 'ombre'* icing would look brilliantly too. This type of baking is new to me as is my love of macaron baking. I have recently moved and the oven is fantastic so I gave macarons another try after many failed attempts in my old gas oven! They are so much fun to bake too because when they turn out well they look so pretty and if they are a disaster they taste great!


(Oh No Its Monday)

 *faded colours of icing for example the bottom cake sandwich icing layer being pink and then the next a paler pink and the next even paler.

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